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Artisan Gallery & Event Space


Marchello Art

John Marchello

John began his artistic endeavor by following the footsteps of his father, who started developing the process of turning silverware into art. Together they tweaked and developed the tools and  techniques allowing them to achieve a variety of unique designs.


Whimsical Woods

Melanie Nebbeling

Melanie creates whimsical settings for chipmunks and friends.  They offer delightful poses for her to shoot! Her portfolio of prints and cards also includes birds, pets and other animals.



Zoe Johnson

Zoe, a member of the Sault Ste Marie Chippewa Tribe, creates art utilizing natural materials to better understand their history and create a future for the traditions they honor.


Joe's Pipe Works

Steampunk Lamps

Joe Piotrowski creates unique lamps utilizing found objects, black pipe and other elements



Annelisse Torreblanca

Through her art, as an ecological dreamer and animal lover, Anne tries to express her love for nature.
You will find her view of all things around us and the inevitable connection that we have with our surroundings.
Touched by the duty to care for our planet she has put together two passions; art and nature, by donating part of the profits from her artwork  to the Michigan Pollination Initiative to help bees thrive again.


ZQs Eclectic Creations

Sue Allen

Sue is a newcomer to the art world. She has been developing her fluid art skills for a few years and has mastered controlling the flow of the materials, creating compelling imagery.


3 Pearls by Sarah

Sarah Hiillman

A busy mother, wife, and freelance writer, Sarah uses her free time to create.  Her pebble paintings are created with stones pulled from the Great Lakes.


Carolyn Donahue


Carolyn has spent her life infusing artistic endeavors in all facets of her every day life.  She studied art at Lansing Community College and tries to describe beauty with each painting.



Mary Toshach

Growing up in a household of creative adults, Mary was inspired, by her father's architectural endeavors and her mothers creativity. 

UnHinged Artz was born out of a desire to support artists from Greater Lansing and Michigan.  

Housed inside the ReoTown Marketplace, UnHinged Artz strives to be a showcase for the arts.  With ample space for exhibits; performances; classes and more, we aim to make the arts accessible to all people.   


Our goal is to showcase creative products that represent the cultural and ethnic diversity of our city and state.

Are you a creative person looking for a place to showcase your talent? Or are you looking for an event location? Please fill out the form below and we will forward additional information.....or Stop in and talk to us!

Artist/Event Query

Thanks for contacting us!

Michigan Artist Products

Silver Loon

Phil Stag Photography

Michael Glen Moore

Little Design Studio

Keewenaw Gem and Gift


For information on current and upcoming events, visit the Events Page.

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